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Design and engineering professionals rely on DraftSight’s familiar, easy-to-use, 2D DWG file-based CAD software on a daily basis. 2D drawings remain critically important as a preferred method of sharing design data as they facilitate easy communication and exchange with design and construction engineers, vendors, and contractors. When hard copies are preferred on the job, 2D drawings still come in very handy. 

Here are 4 common business challenges that DraftSight can help solve:


1. Inefficient Process

We are all working harder these days, which doesn’t necessarily equate to faster results, or better quality. The right tools can make all the difference in reducing repetitive work, saving time, and allowing designers and engineers to focus on high-value activities. DraftSight has multiple productivity tools that can save your team hours, and even days, including the enhanced Sheet Set Manager, Configurable Blocks, PDF Import, and many more. DraftSight helps automate simple processes, letting the software do the work for you. 


2. Value-Based Spending

For organizations of all sizes, across industries, overspending, or inefficient investments, are significant concerns. Technology decisions are not always discussed with users, creating gaps with software access and licenses, in addition to a lack of feedback on usage and software satisfaction.

Not everyone has the same CAD needs, and DraftSight has several product offers to help you find what you need at the best value, including 3D design tools and the choice of network licenses. This contrasts with other CAD providers that have discontinued network licenses. For big companies that have casual users, network licenses can make a huge difference in extending team access to CAD without overspending on unused seats.


3. Maximizing IT Investment

Are you paying more for technology solutions and not seeing a return on your investment (ROI)? With design software costs rising, it makes sense to evaluate if increased costs are connected to increased productivity or development. Otherwise, you may be paying for functionality that you don’t need.

DraftSight is a flexible, user-friendly 2D design application that can coordinate, communicate, manage, and collaborate on projects efficiently and cost-effectively. It can reduce development costs, increase ROI and free up your IT budget for innovation without sacrificing quality or productivity.


4. Embracing Change

Change isn’t something we often seek out, especially when your team has been using the same software for many years. It’s easy to get comfortable with applications when they are no longer serving you. Creating new value and growth often requires us to step outside the box and see what tools and processes we can evolve. When is the last time you took a good hard look at your CAD software? Are you getting the most value out of your investment? Are there additional capabilities that would help scale your business? DraftSight helps you improve ROI and meet today’s business challenges head-on. It makes sense to explore CAD offerings, especially when you consider the cost of ownership.


DraftSight can help solve common business challenges beyond drafting. If you’d like to learn more about what DraftSight can do for your business, inquire with us today. Contact us or follow our social media pages: