SolidPlant is the most comprehensive plant design system for SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant takes advantage of the superior SOLIDWORKS capabilities, and a specification driven plant design system, combining them seamlessly. A great new solution for small- and medium-sized projects with a very competitive pricing. SolidPlant P&ID with SolidPlant 3D makes creating and designing your projects easy and efficient, offering many benefits to EPC's and Owner-Operators. With simple reporting, editing, sharing, validation, and exchange of design information, SolidPlant P&ID and SolidPlant 3D applications helps your projects start easier, run better, and finish smarter. It improves your workflow and saves time.

SolidPlant P&ID

Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams with SolidPlant P&ID.

Built on the latest 2D platform, SolidPlant P&ID interface is easy to use and familiar to designers and engineers, so your design team can start immediately with minimal training. Everyday tasks are streamlined and automated to boost productivity, while component and line information is easily accessed as you work.

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SolidPlant 3D

SolidPlant 3D is a solution which enables the piping designers to design faster, more effectively and accurately in a SOLIDWORKS environment. SolidPlant 3D is an easy-to-use package with a short learning curve.

SolidPlant 3D now brings a real 3D design environment with advanced features to the engineer's desktop. It is able to export an accurate PCF file format that allows you to connect ro other applications. It has also embedded the de facto standard Isometric drawing publisher ISOGEN®. SolidPlant 3D is a 100% database and specifiction driven system, and runs as an add-in to SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium.

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